We are “H.A.N.S. Spices GmbH” as a producer and suppliers of quality Spices, Food additives and Dehydrated vegetables; we are serving food community since 1992 as a satisfied quality products supplier, “H.A.N.S. Spices GmbH” has its collaborated manufacturing Facilities in India, China, Egypt and Vietnam,

To suit the demand of the food industry for reliable constant and dependable quality for their food ingredients, we procure our raw materials from all around the world, with full control on quality management from “H.A.N.S. Spices GmbH” with certification ISO 22000:2005, KOSHER, we constructing synergistic partnership between customers and suppliers for long term business relations and partnership,

Our main demand to our suppliers and the quality of their products are high. With quality control by an accredited independent testing laboratory, third party audits and our own quality management system, we guarantee the high quality of our products to the food community,

We offer maximum flexibility to our customers, more responsible, permanently faster response to their needs and it is our main goal to serve the food industry in better way, we understood our role as a responsible and quality food supply for better health of end users,

We are able to supply to the whole Europe, Russia and neighbouring country of Europe, with fully satisfaction of logistic support and timely delivery to suite the exact needs on time,